Or perhaps Alfa Press Cars Just Come with Extra “soul”

Super Bowl commercials are expensive, so when Alfa Romeo went all-in and bought huge chunks of airtime during this year’s Tom Brady show, I started to get my hopes up for the Guilia.

It can’t be understated how crucial this model is for the Italian brand’s return to American soil. But you probably already know that. Journalists from several prominent periodicals have sung the Giulia’s praises, but reading between the lines, it’s clear that concerns about reliability have not been satisfyingly exorcised.


Is this Alfa still in Beta?

Unfortunately for Alfa, Consumer Reports recently tested the car and came away   resenting their inability to drive it . That’s because it had to go to the dealership three times during the short stretch that they had the car.

“Compelling as it might look…in terms of interior quality, I don’t know if I’m ready to send anyone to buy this car” says CR’s Gabe Shenhar.

Shenhar goes on to give examples, citing a brake sensor wire that was found hanging free during an underbody inspection, interference between a US-market license plate and the car’s parking sensor, and issues with the car’s sunroof opening.

He also points out the fact that it’s unfair to pass judgement based on a single example, but other automotive journals, for example Car and Driver, have reviewed the model and perhaps been less scrutinous of quality issues because of their emphasis on performance.

Giulia by Another Name

Another refreshingly honest move by the team at CR is their decision to review the Ti trim-level of the Giulia. While the M3-fighter Quadrifoglio has taken on the role of press sweetheart, this is the car most consumers will come away with.

With 280 horsepower and all-wheel-drive, the Ti presents an attractive package that holds up well against its teutonic rivals on paper. CR reports appreciating the car’s character on the road, its quick steering and intelligent transmission, but reported minor practicality issues with the car’s interior.


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